Diary of a Daddy's girl

I'm an uncollared submissive, daddy's girl, writer, slut, kinky lil thing, knitter, music lover, yogini, poet, dreamer, creator, human, lover, pea, angel, and genuinely naughty girl.

I'm always looking for a new friends and playfriends on Tumblr and in the Seattle area. Don't be shy -- say hi!

Please read my full disclaimer. If you are under 18, I encourage you to speak with your parents about sex (you may be surprised!) or visit Scarleteen.

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Call me old fashioned, but I like a little romance in my threesomes.

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"Ok, but Daddy says
my curfew is at 10…”

"Ok, but Daddy says

my curfew is at 10…”

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Some girls need

A lot of love.

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I’m in the mood to be a

bad, bad, bad (that’s three bads!!!)

girl tonight.

But I need a little help.

Any volunteers?

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I couldn’t think of a reason

to say ‘no’  to them.

I never can.

(Some offerings

are crueler

than others)

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You know what they say,
You are what you eat
(Double Stuffed Oreos).

You know what they say,

You are what you eat

(Double Stuffed Oreos).

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Another way to spot a little……

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She does her best to keep up

and says sometimes things get fuzzy.

She likes not knowing what’s happening

until it’s over.

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Daddy says all lucky girls

can look back at the first moment

they felt really and truly slutty.

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