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I'm an uncollared submissive, daddy's girl, writer, slut, kinky lil thing, knitter, music lover, yogini, poet, dreamer, creator, human, lover, pea, angel, and genuinely naughty girl.

I'm always looking for a new friends and playfriends on Tumblr and in the Seattle area. Don't be shy -- say hi!

Please read my full disclaimer. If you are under 18, I encourage you to speak with your parents about sex (you may be surprised!) or visit Scarleteen.

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hi, im 19, and all of this daddy/little stuff is really really turning me on. I have always been turned on by this stuff, like when someone says "good girl" or calls me "baby girl" i just get wet instantly. I'm kind of scared about this tho. I can't admit to myself that i like it and that i wish i had a daddy. I feel bad about myself for wanting to be submissive and i don't know what to do :(


*huggles* Well, first, You don’t need to feel bad about yourself for having wants and needs than are different from “the norm”. You were born this way… ;)

Second, I’m not an expert, and don’t feel super comfy telling you “what to do”…  but I suggest you do a little research. Find some books you can read that will help you gain a better perspective on your new interests. This may help you lessen the guilt you seem to feel about it. Perhaps the Bottoming Book may shed light on some things?

Last, join Fetlife! Sign up anonymously if that makes you feel safer and start exploring the groups and forums. You will learn a lot and meet people just. like. you.




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