Diary of a Daddy's girl

I'm an uncollared submissive, daddy's girl, writer, slut, kinky lil thing, knitter, music lover, yogini, poet, dreamer, creator, human, lover, pea, angel, and genuinely naughty girl.

I'm always looking for a new friends and playfriends on Tumblr and in the Seattle area. Don't be shy -- say hi!

Please read my full disclaimer. If you are under 18, I encourage you to speak with your parents about sex (you may be surprised!) or visit Scarleteen.

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What's it take to Collar you babe ?😜


Oh, honey. No.


Thin-shaming and fat-shaming are not separate, opposing issues—they are stratifications of the same issue: Patriarchal culture’s need to demoralize, distract, and pit women against one another. To keep women shackled by shame and hunger. To keep us obsessing over our flaws rather than our power and potential. To get our money.”

Thin women: I’ve got your back. Could you get mine? by Lindy West

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He ordered me to hump my pillow

and I blushed and begged him to call me dirty.

He said he wanted me to cum for him

so I could sleep on that pillow tonight

and dream of Daddy.

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What do you think of the whole 50 shades of grey??


Many people don’t know this about me, but I was a High School English teacher for one crazy year. That was about the time Twilight was hitting it big. So, like a good teacher, I diligently read Twilight. I thought I should know what my students were reading.

Of course, having just finished up a Masters in English Lit, I was completely appalled at the backwards, unfeminist, whimpy, and just plain awful story. However, when my students complained that they HATED reading, I never hesitated to hand over my copy of Twilight for them to borrow.

Why? Because all it takes is that one book to change someone’s outlook on everything. I knew that if my students read Twilight there was a good chance they’d love it and go searching for more books. Better books.

50 Shades is Twilight for adults. It even started as Twilight fan-fiction.

Do I like it? FUCK NO. I couldn’t make it past one third of that asinine, unrealistic, abusive, fairytale drivel. That said, I’m happy (albeit annoyed) that it’s out there.

I love that bored, unhappy, dissatisfied, and otherwise unengaged people everywhere are thinking, “I want that," and searching eagerly for it. Sexuality shouldn’t be shunned. It should be embraced…. in all its healthy, awkward, weird, beautiful and interesting permutations.

My hope is that people won’t stop with 50 Shades…. that they’ll go out and discover many other intriguing erotic novels (some of which are far, far more complex, interesting, and titillating). Stories like:

I also hope that they won’t stop at reading. I’m hoping they’ll start talking and acting and expressing and fuuuuuuuucking.


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princesshoneycunt: “Would you be bothered if I had you right now and just took my rage out on you? Because I kind of could see myself doing that…”

(Like I’m gonna say no).

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I started to beg for the most innocent names,


"Tell me I’m naughty."

"Tell me I’m dirty."

The innocence of each request was as embarassing

as the thrill of being rewarded

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Sometimes I need him to say the not nice things
the cruel things.

Sometimes I need him to say the not nice things

the cruel things.

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