Diary of a Daddy's girl

I'm an uncollared submissive, daddy's girl, writer, slut, kinky lil thing, knitter, music lover, yogini, poet, dreamer, creator, human, lover, pea, angel, and genuinely naughty girl.

I'm always looking for a new friends and playfriends on Tumblr and in the Seattle area. Don't be shy -- say hi!

Please read my full disclaimer. If you are under 18, I encourage you to speak with your parents about sex (you may be surprised!) or visit Scarleteen.

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Just now on my dash :p


The universe. She works in mysterious ways.

That is what we call ‘synchronicity.’ The Universe is conspiring to give me the D.


Team Dino

  • Mally:: You deserve fun

  • Casey:: Yeah I do. I also deserve the D.

  • Mally:: The Dinosaur?

He says he wants me

unedited, unfiltered.


you're dating a tree aren't you? :P


What can I say? I like ‘em tall and hard and err with bark and…… well… BIG LOGS!!!

Sleuthy followers are sleuthy.

You guys will haveta

be patient bunnies and wait to find out.


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"…..and then we get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds."

- Sean (Robin Williams), Good Will Hunting

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"Watch out for horny littles.

They bite.”

- Owning a Little: A Daddy’s Field Guide

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Some boys are easy to tease.

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